I Wanted to Crawl in a Hole and Die…
The Alphabet is Hard Sometimes
They Knew Exactly What We Were About to Do
I’m Not Sure if He’s Okay with It or Not
Not Sure Why but We Laughed for What Felt Like an Hour.
Superbong Sunday
That’s Not How You Smoke It, Dummy [6]
Blue Dream…
Im Gonna Learn Me to Internet
He’s Not a Famous Person Either…
It’s That Annoying Time of the Year Again Here
First Talking To..went Pretty Well I Believe.
What Can You Do?
God Damn Munchies
Blown As Hell
Or Maybe I’m Just Really High
Saw This at an [8]. Lost It. Still Haven’t Found It.
He Was Probably Just Trying to Be Friendly…
Dramatic Look Stoner
The Fly
Don’t Go to Class at a [10]
My Moms Awesome when Im at a [9]
Its a Good Thing I Don’t Grow My Hair Long
Ready for Bed at an [8]
It’s the Little Things That Confirm It to Me.
Work Success [7]
And then We Just Continued Smoking. [7]
My Best Zinger Yet
I Just Hate It when Things Like This Happen to Decent Men! [7]
No Man Left Behind
It Started out As a Regular Friday Afternoon…
Oh Chivalry You So Crazy
Every. Time.
Every. Time.
So My Girlfrient and I Made and Smoked Hash for the First Time….
What Marijuana Does to You!
Bumped into a Familiar Smell on My T-break (first Try on a Comic :p)
Every. Single. Day.
Silly Potheads. Thought of This at a [6]
When All of Us Are Gathered Together We Are Called the “legion of Ents”