Married to an Ent.
Normal Day in Class
Daily Interaction with Myself.
West African Smoke Story (x-post from R/trees)
Dude, This Thing is Amazing.
Anytime I Have Munchies at a [6] or Higher
Weed Dummies
Useful Winter
Had to Put It off Till Today..
He Was the Only Sober One
A Couple Years Ago, I Was Faced with an Incredible Cinematic Decision…
At First I Was Just Sitting at My Couch, Feeling Drunk and Wishing I Could Get High
I Was Scared
Sudden Realization
Smoking & Posting to Reddit.. We’ve All Been There
Popcorn is a Fickle Beast
For All My Dead Lighters
Can’t See in the Dark
My Dealers Bags Make Me a Bit Dizzy…
The Shadow Humming Bird (a Christmas Eve Story)
Looks Can Be Deceiving…
This Seems to Happen a Lot.
…we Need to Talk :/
Happened Earlier Tonight. the Theory Proved to Be False.
So We Have Made This a Bi-weekly Thing, Best Hiking Trip Decision Ever.
It Always Feels Like the First Time when You’re High.
The Best Muffin
Awesome Prank Idea [7]
Hoobah Stank and the Real Deal (oc)
How I Feel Before a Big Snowstorm.
I Loved Making This
Everything is So Soft!
Perfect Halloween Moment
Even a Mouse
Smoke Ring Rage
I’ve Always Wondered if That Guy Ever Pondered These Things…(olos)
Not Cool Brain! (x-post from Fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu)
Oranges Always Have the Best Ideas
Lotr Win
Trying to Guess Who We Are at an [8]