Blown As Hell
Or Maybe I’m Just Really High
Saw This at an [8]. Lost It. Still Haven’t Found It.
He Was Probably Just Trying to Be Friendly…
Dramatic Look Stoner
The Fly
Don’t Go to Class at a [10]
My Moms Awesome when Im at a [9]
Its a Good Thing I Don’t Grow My Hair Long
Ready for Bed at an [8]
It’s the Little Things That Confirm It to Me.
Work Success [7]
And then We Just Continued Smoking. [7]
My Best Zinger Yet
I Just Hate It when Things Like This Happen to Decent Men! [7]
No Man Left Behind
It Started out As a Regular Friday Afternoon…
Oh Chivalry You So Crazy
Every. Time.
Every. Time.
So My Girlfrient and I Made and Smoked Hash for the First Time….
What Marijuana Does to You!
Bumped into a Familiar Smell on My T-break (first Try on a Comic :p)
Every. Single. Day.
Silly Potheads. Thought of This at a [6]
When All of Us Are Gathered Together We Are Called the “legion of Ents”
My Tree Sense is Tingling!
Thanks, Toothy!
When You Smoke, Everything is an Amazing Experience! [6] (x/post from R/trees)
Today is His Birthday
We Felt Kinda Silly
I Had an Idiot Attack at a [5] Just Now.
Winter Stroll
My First Tree Comic. Forgot Reaching a [10] Included Paranoia.
When I’m with Friends Who Don’t Smoke
Beach Thoughts
I Know I’m Not the Only One, Doesn’t Matter How High You Are.
Saw a Grumpycat Comic. Decided to Make My Own.
Whatever He Said Must of Been Mindblowing