Its a Good Thing I Don’t Grow My Hair Long
Ready for Bed at an [8]
It’s the Little Things That Confirm It to Me.
Work Success [7]
And then We Just Continued Smoking. [7]
My Best Zinger Yet
I Just Hate It when Things Like This Happen to Decent Men! [7]
No Man Left Behind
It Started out As a Regular Friday Afternoon…
Oh Chivalry You So Crazy
Every. Time.
Every. Time.
So My Girlfrient and I Made and Smoked Hash for the First Time….
What Marijuana Does to You!
Bumped into a Familiar Smell on My T-break (first Try on a Comic :p)
Every. Single. Day.
Silly Potheads. Thought of This at a [6]
When All of Us Are Gathered Together We Are Called the “legion of Ents”
My Tree Sense is Tingling!
Thanks, Toothy!
When You Smoke, Everything is an Amazing Experience! [6] (x/post from R/trees)
Today is His Birthday
We Felt Kinda Silly
I Had an Idiot Attack at a [5] Just Now.
Winter Stroll
My First Tree Comic. Forgot Reaching a [10] Included Paranoia.
When I’m with Friends Who Don’t Smoke
Beach Thoughts
I Know I’m Not the Only One, Doesn’t Matter How High You Are.
Saw a Grumpycat Comic. Decided to Make My Own.
Whatever He Said Must of Been Mindblowing
Peaches ‘n’ Cream
Love is All You Need, Love and Trees!
Never Adding or Deleting Friends Again. [6]
Life is Complete!
Gears of Fate
Me and My Friends Conversation at an [8]
He Could Feel It
When I Realized I Needed to Clean My Pipe