It Just Makes the Whole Experience a Little Bit Better.
Its My Cake Day Today and I Wanted to Share My Favorite Comic. (repost)
Everything Turned out Better Than Expected
Drive Thru’s Can Be Tricky
I Thought Ents Were Supposed to Be Friendly
My First [10]
It’s the Thought That Counts
A Very Different Point of Veiw
The Song Just Kept on Going
Dont Forget Your Keys when You’re Stoned.
I Got to a Very Comfortable [8] Last Night After a 4 Month Long T Break and Realized It Was My Cakeday! So I Decided to Make an Awesome Comic! Enjoy! :d
Guys, I Made Some Food for Us!
Not Worse Than a Maid Serving a Duke
I Don’t Know, but You’re Welcome
Subliminal Images My Mind Makes with Memes…
Dem Res Hits [8]
It Was a Close One(first Comic)
Okay, So I May Not Make the Best Comics but This Was the Best Thing I Have Ever Done.
He Realized the Error of His Ways.
Refn [6]
Made This About a Year Ago, but Was Too Shy to Post It. at a [7] and Feeling Brave!
Immaculate Plummet
Every Time.
Found on 4chan Stoner Thread, Thought I’d Share
This is a Wonderful Combination I Have to Suggest
Caught Myself Typing This into Facebook.
I Got Too High (x-post from /r/trees)
Thats My Gun [10] Guy
…with Me?
My First Time
Black Ops 2 at [4]
I Gotta Bag of Chips (first Comic)
Star People [warning: Kinda Creepy]
Hey Rtrees and Rtreecomics
Silly Cat
My Camping Trip (first Comic)