So Close
Elephant Sympathy
First Comic
My Friends First Time Smoking (also My First Time Posting Here!)
Dealing with Loss
Jay Miller Gets ‘tworkin Part 1
A Little Late but My Parents Thought They Had It All Figured Out…
Watching 12 Monkeys, when All of the Sudden… (oc)
They’re Everywhere!
Fruit Picking [8]
I Was…reading then Paper Towels and That Picture. [took a Long Time for This]. So I Was Reading This and then Laughed.
Siblings Make for Dangerous Narcs
Driving in Any Rpg
Games on Speakers
Married to an Ent.
Normal Day in Class
Daily Interaction with Myself.
West African Smoke Story (x-post from R/trees)
Dude, This Thing is Amazing.
Anytime I Have Munchies at a [6] or Higher
Weed Dummies
Useful Winter
Had to Put It off Till Today..
He Was the Only Sober One
A Couple Years Ago, I Was Faced with an Incredible Cinematic Decision…
At First I Was Just Sitting at My Couch, Feeling Drunk and Wishing I Could Get High
I Was Scared
Sudden Realization
Smoking & Posting to Reddit.. We’ve All Been There
Popcorn is a Fickle Beast
For All My Dead Lighters
Can’t See in the Dark
My Dealers Bags Make Me a Bit Dizzy…
The Shadow Humming Bird (a Christmas Eve Story)
Looks Can Be Deceiving…
This Seems to Happen a Lot.
…we Need to Talk :/