I Saw This on Fb, Hope It’s Not a Repeat. It Made Me Lol.
The Perfect Excuse…
I Was an Accidental Drug Smuggler
Refreshing Upvotes
This Has Nothing to Do with Trees, but I Was High and It Had Me Cracking Up, So Close Enough. Thought It Would Be Appreciated Here. (x-post from R/eflcomics)
Texting Under the Influence
That Was the Highest I’ve Been [8]
One of the Best School Days I’ve Ever Had! – [first Rage Comic Ever, So Please Be Friently!]
Reddit is Down
My Own Accidental Edible Experience, with Guest Stars.
This Just Dawned on Me a Few Minutes Ago, Had to Share
Combustible Vegitables
My Accidental Edible Experience
Flirting High :d
I Nearly Had a Panic Attack.
I Hit a [12 – 14] It Was Crazy Bro, Im at a [8] Currently So Its Probably Crazy
I Told This Story to R/trees, Thought I’d Share a Condensed Version. “accidental Trespassing”
What Did He See?!
Matrix Brownies
Got Some Love over at R/trees, See What You Guys Think
Those Were the Best Kind of Strips.
First Diesel Experience
Those Were Damn Good Strips To. [7]
First Sesh (first Comic)
Purple Bong Rips
Imagine That.
I Don’t Have a Lot of Experience with Making Comics but This Just Happened :(
We’d Been Smoking for a While Too.
What I See Every Time
Every Time.
Every Time.
Furniture Shopping
Its Nice Outside Tonight, Nice Blunt + Arizona After Long Day of School
Wanna ‘meller?
Buying Food at a [9]
Sometimes the Woods Are Confusing.
And That’s How I Burned Myself. Twice. [7]
The Perfect Bowl
Animal Planet