Seagull Poopies
Trippy Fox Encounter
I Had No Idea Hash Was So Much Stronger Than Natural Trees… This Happened to Me Last Night
Im Perfect…
Looking Fly, then I Got High
Cooking at a [5]
Alcohol Vs Marijuana
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The Time I Almost Got Arrested
Was at a [9] when This Happened to Me Last Night
Funny Stoner Story
The Burger King by the Taco Bell
Some People Draw. Others Watch Spongebob.
His Mom Stole Our Bud!
Dont Do Dumb Sh!t While High
I Can’t Hold Him for Long!
I Definitely Shouldn’t Microwave Pepsi.
My Olympic Adventure
First World Problems… Happened Today
It Was Still Weird Though
The Statement Still Lingers on My Mind…
Imagination in the Shower [7].
Didn’t I Just Tell You Not To…
(oc) My First Week at College — Part 2: the Dj
(oc) My First Week in College — Part 1: a Misunderstanding
Happened Yesterday.
Close Encounters at Cvs
Last Days at Home Before Uni Starts. I Think I’m Getting the Hang of Being Faded and Jaded
I Love My Dad
I Now Am Pretty Up to Speed I Think
First Comic. Get the Apple..
Watching the Bane Fight Scene in Tdkr and I Couldn’t Help but Think
My First Reddit Post! Yay for Me.
Getting Busted Rage
Redwoods at a [4]
Cant Wait
Hi Mom I’m Home
[first] How I Almost Died.
Bork and Ornery