Finding Nemo Rekindled a Fire
An Experience with Cookies. Apparently the Comic Flow Has Been Slow Here, You All Need Some More Entertainment. I Just Started Making Comics of My Many Experiences. Live Long and Toke On.
Cleaning Up After a Party. the Only Perk.
Just Noticed There’s a R/treecomics, I’d Been Posting in R/trees. Just Sharing a Good Sesh I’ve Had Recently.
Badass Friend
My First Rage Comic.
Bad Luck Brian
My Night Last Night!
Trying to Score Weed in Sweden
Girlfriend Made This.
Oil Rage
He Wouldn’t Give Up the Food for Anything.
Posted to R/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu. Someone Told Me It Belonged Here Instead.
Being in the Friend Zone
Didn’t Cross My Path… Ain’t Even Mad.
The Internet is a Hostile Place
Fantastic Discovery [3]
Future Ent Spotted, Open and Shut
The World Would Be Such a Better Place…
Is That a Spider?
Class Room Laugh
I Got Pretty Baked Yesterday and I Left Myself a Note to Upload This to Reddit, So Here It Is.
Munchies Pleasure
I Always Remind Myself That I’m an Idiot, but a Happy One.
Tyler Derpden
When My Mom Found out
My Mind is Still a Little Blown.
When My Dog and I Are High…
Saturday Morning Cartoons (fixed X-post from F7u12)
Just Fulfilling a Fellow Ent’s Request
Stoner Sympathy: Strongest Force in Mankind.
Smoking on a Viking Ship
I Fucking Need It
Through My Tears, I Was Contemplating Using My Bong As a Weapon.
What Have You Done??
…hand Dynamics