The World Would Be Such a Better Place…
Is That a Spider?
Class Room Laugh
I Got Pretty Baked Yesterday and I Left Myself a Note to Upload This to Reddit, So Here It Is.
Munchies Pleasure
I Always Remind Myself That I’m an Idiot, but a Happy One.
Tyler Derpden
When My Mom Found out
My Mind is Still a Little Blown.
When My Dog and I Are High…
Saturday Morning Cartoons (fixed X-post from F7u12)
Just Fulfilling a Fellow Ent’s Request
Stoner Sympathy: Strongest Force in Mankind.
Smoking on a Viking Ship
I Fucking Need It
Through My Tears, I Was Contemplating Using My Bong As a Weapon.
What Have You Done??
…hand Dynamics
Trees, Simpsons and Fonzy’s Jacket. First Comic.
So I Smoked out in the Rain for a Little Bit (/r/fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu Xpost)….
Yes, This is Just It.
Ready to Blaze
Me Right Now
I Am Macgyver
Treescomic Forever [fixed]
Wake and Bake Confusion
Treecomics Forever!
First Day of Work
No Bread! This Happens Way Too Often to Me…
My Parents: How I Found out
My Day is off to a Good Start
Watching a “stoner” Movie
Stoner Movie Confesion
I Did. I Really Did.
It Kicked in Late
I Need to Shower!!!
Getting Back into the Swing of Things