Every Time!
We All Have “that Friend”
Troll Foot
2 Year Old Repost from /r/trees, I Think You Guys Will Appreciate This.
Then My Eyes Fell into My Mouth
Neck Pain
I Cannot Wait to Eat Munch, Now.
Has This Happened to Anyone Else?
[8]ong Tales
Happened Just Now. Currently [7]
Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?
Did This at a Friends Place a Long Time Ago. It As Instant and It Was Awesome.
Good Times
‘lets Get Too High’
Middleschool Can Be Like Now
It Ended Ok…
A Stoners Guide #1
We Fixed It with Minimal Juice Spillage. Hands Sticky, but Ecig Vape Alive and Operating.
K at a [0] Sorted Us out with Some Delicious Food
Are We There Yet
The First Time
Stoner Pranks.
He Later Said This Was the Highest He Had Ever Been
Different Kinds of Joints
Maggot Brain
So This Just Happened After Bong-o-clock
Posted This on /r/trees and It Got Taken Down, Original Was Just to Show His T-shirt, His Name is Weedus
Music Festival Misadventures: Lilo & Stitch
Mowing Your Lawn
Primal Hunger.
Ihad No Idea This Was Real
Desperate Measures (part 1 & 2)
It’s the Little Things Aka (my First Comic)
Worth It. Every Time.
Near Accident at Fred Meyer
Funyuns Are Tasty Onion Flavored Glass Shards.
Almost Had a Heart Attack