My First Comic. Inspired by the Hilarity of Other Peoples Stories!
Me at a {8} with the Munchies.
Mother Nature
I Am Quite High Right Now.
Making Pretzels
When Things Tasted Like Colors
Black Berry Kush Says…
When You Are This Baked
How I Fooled My Dad ;)
Toking at Home My Very First Time
I Love My Job.
True Story.
Meanwhile, Under My Blankets…
I Love How Forgetful I Am After Getting Stoned
Last Night’s Epiphany.
Grilled Cheese Though Process at an [8]
Last Night…
New Bong Bought over an Hour with Girlfrient, It Still Needs a Name and We Decided for R/trees to Name It~ Most Upvoted Name is the Cchosen!
Happy Halloweed!
The Nug Was a Ghost I Swear.
How to Spend One’s Weekend
Forever Alone Guy Finds Happiness (xpost from F5u7)
The Very First Time I Got High
High-lander on Tv [4]
Rubber Bands Are Evil
This Happened Today. Think It Was God Driving It.
I Still Got the Green
The Scariest of Moments
Why You Should Buy a Bar Stool
Justin Biber Gache Des Vie
How I Feel Right Now After My Best Dealer Got Caught
Snowy Adventure Me and My Frient Had (x-post from /r/trees)
My Shower Experience Tonight.
Too High Man…
I Am Not a Man of Words While on Trees and Dmt
Nick and Wade’s Misadventures ( Part ? of Series )
Crafty Cereal
A Tale of Cannabis, Cops, and Convenience Stores. [6]
We’re the Mario Brothers